Catholic Charities of Delaware, Otsego and Schoharie County

Be a Voice for Children

Child Care Support Services is a member of the Early Care & Learning Council (ECLC), Winning Beginning NY (WBNY) and Child Care Aware. There organizations are leaders in state and national early care and education advocacy efforts, and through them we support their public policy efforts.

What is Advocacy?

Advocacy is about caring for an issue deeply enough to stand up and say that something needs to be done about it. It is about using that knowledge to cause changes in the way things are. It is arguing in favor of something such as cause, idea or policy. It is speaking out on issues that you care about, offering your opinion and suggestion for how to improve something to the people who are in control.

Who is an Advocate?

An Advocate is someone who is intensely committed to seeing a particular change happen. It is someone who is willing to gain knowledge and develop an understanding about all it is, someone who it’s not hesitant about going public with that understanding.

Taking Action

Contact your local representatives. Your legislators like to hear from the people that they serve. Hearing your story helps them make decisions on future decisions!

Action Centers

Public Policy Messages and Agendas

Winning Beginning: Winning Beginning New York State Executive Agenda 2018-19
Child Care Aware: Child Care Aware’s Action Network
Early Care and Learning Council: NY State Child Care Public Policy and Advocacy efforts

Data and Research

Child Care Aware: National Research and Data
Child Care Aware: State Fact Sheets
Otsego County: Economic Development Department
Regional Economic Development Council: Mohawk Valley
Opportunities for Otsego: 2017 Community Needs Assessment
Opportunities for Otsego: 2017 Community Report Card - Oneonta, NY

Who are your representatives?

You can find out who your legislators are and their exact contact information via or by visiting