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When families cannot find child care, parents cannot work. When parents cannot work it leads to joblessness and employee turnover. This puts the burden of being short staffed on employers, which also has a rippled effect of making the employees who are working overworked and less satisfied. Joblessness and financial hardship are only two of the symptoms related to child care. Low quality child care also takes a toll. When parents do not feel good about the quality of their child care, they cannot be effective at work. This too can lead to all of the above. When there is not enough of a supply of child care for the demand, everyone suffers.

What can you do about this problem?

There are several things that employers can do to offer their support to parents searching for child care. Child Care Support Services can offer onsite referrals and information sessions to employees who are having a difficult time accessing child care. Child Care Support Services works recruits providers and help them through the process. We are willing to work with you to tailor workshops to your employee’s needs. Employers may consider opening a childcare center on site for employees. Employees whose needs are being met are more likely to stay. We ask employers in our county to consider making a donation to our program or to hold a fundraiser for Child Care Support Services to help us with our mission. As a program in a nonprofit agency, Child Care Support Services receives funding from state and local contracts and foundations to provide services to parents and providers at low or no cost. We look to donations and fundraisers to fill in the gaps.

What we can Offer you:

-On-site seminars about how to find available child care
-Assessment of Employee child care needs
-Assistance in developing a child care center on site or near your business
-Resource and referral service for all employees seeking child care
-Information about child care sublines that may be available

If you would like to know more about how Child Care Support Services can help your business or organization, you can request an on-site seminar. Contact us at (607) 432-0061 for more information. Do you have a record in our database that you need to update? Would you like to have our newsletter emailed to you? Please complete the Record Update Request and return it to our office by fax, email or mail.

Resources and Education:

Winning Beginning New York State Executive Agenda 2018-19

New York State Cost of Care Toolkit

NYS Legislature Public Hearings - Child care assistance for low-income families.

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Workshops for Your Employees

Employers recognized more and more that their employer’s child care is a top priority for the business.

To help you and your employees find the best child care arrangements available to you, Child Care Support Services is available to conduct on site workshops on a variety of topics for leaders and executives ,as well as for employees.

Workshop topics include:

To arrange a workshop at your organization, or to learn more about how we can help your employees solve their child care needs, contact (607) 432-0061.