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What Is a Child Care Resource and Referral?

Child Care Support Services is the Child Care Resource & Referral programs for Otsego County. A Child Care Resource and Referral (CCR&R) agency serves as a bridge between families, providers and the community with a focus on ensuring that every child receives the best possible child care available. Child care resource and referral agencies provide parents with information. Child Care Resource and Referral agencies can be found in every county in New York State, and are funded by the New York State Office of Children and Family Services.



What does Child Care Support Services do?

Child Care Support Services, a program of Catholic Charities of Delaware, Otsego and Schoharie Counties, is the Child Care Resource & Referral for Otsego County. We provide child care referrals to registered and licensed programs within Otsego County for parents who are looking for child care. We are the Registrar for Family Day Care programs, as well as School Age Child Care Programs in Otsego County. We are the Child and Adult Care food Program sponsor for Family and Group Family Day Care homes.

For Child Care Providers Child Care Support Services provides:

For Community and Employers Child Care Support Services provides:


Child Care Support Services' Policies

Referral Free Policy

Child Care Support Services does not charge a free for its referral service. This free service is open to all families who are in need of child care in Otsego County

Disclaimer Policy

Referrals provided by Child Care Support Services are not a recommendation or a replacement. As the parent or guardian you have the responsibility of choosing a child care provider or program for your child(ren). We encourage you to call child care providers and make appointments to visit each child care provider during child care hours. In this way you may evaluate which provider best meets your needs.


The staff of Child Care Support Services will adhere to confidentiality. All information provided, including names, address, phone numbers, email addresses will be kept private at all times. Information collected when accessing our services is only used for service, for follow up contact with you regarding that service and for statistical data for our funders. Child Care Support Services will not share your information with third party entities. We reserve the right to disclose information if required by law or by regulatory authority.

Child Care Support Services Staff Complaints

Child Care Support Services staff strive to provide services in a professional manner. If you feel you have been treated inappropriate by a Child Care Support Services staff member, you may share your concern with the director, either by phone or in writing. Contact the Associate Executive Director, Christy Houck, at (607) 432-0061 or (866) 814-1117 ext. 120 or Child Care Support Services, 176 Main Street Oneonta Street NY 13820.

Provider Compliant Policy

If you have a concern about a day care provider or program and you would like to register a complaint, we encourage you to call

Commitment to Diversity

All customers shall have the same opportunities to apply for access or available services. This includes the right to non-discrimination and the right to non-harassment based on race, religion, national origin, handicap, age, sexual orientation or any other protective class. Further, every effort will be made to provide culturally sensitive services to all customers.



Child Care Support Services' Staff

Rebecca Matthews
Child Care Support Services Program Director
Ext. 120

Kimberly Ahearn
Child Care Supervisor
Technical Assistance / Intensive Technical Assistance / Outreach / Summer Food Service Program
Ext. 128

Vicki Fatum
Program Specialist
Child Care Referrals / CACFP/
Legally Exempt Child Care Enrollment / Summer Food Service Program

Ext. 106

Jeannette Westcott
Child Care Specialist
Family Day Care Registration / Technical Assistance /
Legally Exempt Child Care Inspections / Summer Food Service Program

Ext. 119