Catholic Charities of Delaware, Otsego and Schoharie County

Catholic Charities of
Delaware, Otsego, and
Schoharie Counties

489 West Main Street
Cobleskill, NY 12043
(518) 234-3581


Program Director:
Amy Pricolo-Brown



Family Support Services

Twenty-Four Hour Hotline
24-hours/7 days per week hotline assistance is available through the agency’s crisis hotline. This includes weekends and holidays.

Catholic Charities 24/7 Crisis Hotline
Collect Calls Accepted:

MCAT: Mobile crisis services:
1-877-369-6699 or 1-844-732-6228

Family Empowerment
Staff works with and assists families to advocate for themselves and their children to obtain necessary services. This includes assistance in obtaining medical care, accessing social services where appropriate, employment, housing, and utilizing natural and community supports.

Electronic Lending Library
Provides families and youth opportunities to borrow electronics such as: phones, tablets and laptops for short term use to access services and software for educational, transitional and employment opportunities.

Staff will ensure families have access to transportation to secure legal, medical, housing, treatment, employment, public assistance, or other community services through a variety of methods.

Family / Peer Support
This support group enables families and children to participate and to share their experiences and concerns with other families in a concerted effort to cope with their own situations. The group is held monthly with a planned dinner and an educational component. Catholic Charities will also provide in-home peer support through home visits completed by the staff.

Skill Building / Educational Opportunities
Staff will work with families and children by offering an independent living skills curriculum for youth and young adults to promote independence. Educational opportunities will be available for families and youth on such topics as: symptom management, anger management, nutrition, budgeting, socialization, health services, recreational activities and coping skills.

Includes one-on-one therapy with a mental health counselor to assist the family or child in coping with their mental health challenges.

Information and Referral
Information and referrals to area services and programs are provided to meet the individual needs of the family and child.