Catholic Charities of Delaware, Otsego and Schoharie County

Catholic Charities of
Delaware, Otsego, and
Schoharie Counties

21 Liberty Street
Sidney, NY 13838
(607) 604-4071

Youth Programs Coordinator:
Ivan Wood | E-Mail

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The Delaware County Mentoring Program

The Delaware County Mentoring Program serves at-risk youth ages 7 years and up who attend a school district within Delaware County. Referrals for youth in need of a mentor come from local school districts, the Delaware County Department of Social Services, and the juvenile justice system.  Youth will be matched with a caring adult mentor who will spend a minimum of six hours per month with the child.  The mentoring relationship encourages self-worth, skill building, and confidence by providing youth with a caring adult committed to being a reliable role model.

Catholic Charities is actively recruiting adults who would like to volunteer as mentors.  Volunteer mentors will be thoroughly screened and must be able to commit to serving as a mentor for at least a one year period. Mentors must also possess a licensed vehicle, driver’s license, and an acceptable driving record. Mentors are also required to complete a basic mentor training and orientation before meeting with his or her mentee. Matches will be made based on the child’s needs and interests, on the preferences of the parent/guardian, and on the interests and preferences of the volunteer mentor.

The matches will engage the child in a variety of enriching activities. Depending on the child’s interest and abilities, these activities may include sports, arts and crafts, visits to the local library, hikes, cooking ventures, etc.  Funding is available to mentors for match activity costs. Group activities will be held at least four times per year.

If you are interested in volunteering as a mentor for the Delaware County Mentoring Program or if you would like to refer a youth to participate in the program, please contact the Delaware County Mentoring Program Coordinator, Ivan Wood, at or (607) 604-4071.

The Transitional Needs Program

The Transitional Needs Program offers case management services to teens on probation in Delaware County. The Program helps the at-risk youth identify, set, and achieve life goals to help them develop a better sense of independence and responsibility – making it easier for them to make better choices down the line. For more information on the program, please contact the Ivan Wood, at