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Each year Catholic Charities is able to provide many hours of service in the local communities because our trained volunteers work as community mediators, food pantry assistants, caring connections intake workers, thrift shop volunteers, and Summer Food Service Program assistants.

Those who volunteer to help conduct our annual fundraising events, assist us in raising the essential money needed to continue to offer our local programs.

Catholic Charities always has a need for volunteers. Below are the specific volunteer opportunities available. Please contact us if you are interested in volunteering.

Caring Connections – Emergency Assistance

Caring Connections’ volunteers are available to meet with those seeking assistance, they assess what is needed, and help connect those in need with available services.  Volunteers for Caring Connections provide a listening ear to those in our community who often feel unheard.  Volunteers for Caring Connections provides an avenue to much needed services and assistance. Catholic Charities is looking for volunteers who can listen, respect confidentiality, serve at least 4 hours each month. Please contact Tracey at (607) 432-0061 | E-Mail.


Our Dispute Resolution Center prides itself on the abilities of our volunteer mediators. In order to become a volunteer mediator, a mediator certification is required. If you are interested, please contact our Oneonta office for more information. Please contact Christy at (607) 432-0061 | E-Mail.

Food Pantry

Volunteers are needed in our Food Pantry at our Cobleskill office. We are looking for individuals who are willing to assist clients in making food choices. We are looking for people who can dedicate at least a 3-4 hour shift at a time. Please contact Amy Pricolo-Brown at (518) 234-3581| E-Mail.

Thrift Shop

Volunteers are needed in our Thrift Shop at our Cobleskill office. Catholic Charities is looking for individuals to help with sorting donated items, pricing items and stocking shelves. Please contact Toni at (518) 234-3581 | E-Mail.

Summer Food Service Program

The Summer Food Service Program volunteers make it possible for a free lunch to be served to children Monday through Friday during the months of July and August. Volunteers prepare the meals, transport them to the park, serve the meals, and clean up. People can choose to volunteer for part of the program, such as preparation or transport, or for the whole process. We welcome volenteers for a day, a week, or the whole summer and appreciate whatever you can do. Please contact Christy at (607) 432-0061 | E-Mail. *This institution is an equal opportunity provider.

Domestic Violence Program

The Domestic Violence Program offers aid and support to victims of domestic violence and their families. The program's goal is to empower survivors to choose safety and violence-free living for themselves and their children, and provides services to all victims of domestic violence whether staying in the safe dwelling or living in the community. We need volunteers to assist in the following ways: light house work, light yard work, child care, receiving and sorting donations, transportation and outreach activities. For more information and for a volunteer application please call Angie at (518) 234-3581 | E-Mail. Domestic abuse does not discriminate, and neither does Catholic Charities.  We will provide shelter and other appropriate services for all victimized by domestic violence, regardless of race, creed, color, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, military status, religious beliefs, sex, marital status, or disability.

The Delaware County Mentoring Program

Mentors range in age from 18 years to retirees. Mentors come from a variety of different backgrounds and have various work and life experiences. They include teachers, college students, homemakers, coaches, and other members of our community. All potential mentors go through a selection process which includes, but is not limited to: Application and in-depth interview, personal and professional reference checks, criminal record background check, sex offender and child abuse screening, DMV clearance and program training. Mentors are asked to make at least a one year commitment to the program. Once matched, mentors meet with their mentees once a week for a minimum of two hours. The mentor's role is to be a guide, a good listener, a coach, a responsive friend - someone who cares. A good mentor is encouraging patient, flexible, tolerant and respectful of individual diferences. Mentors receive on-going training. Program staff maintain frequent contact with monitors. For more information on becoming a mentor, contact Jordyn at (607) 604-4071 | E-Mail.